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Review Guru Q10 monitor loudspeaker



  • Sounds very spacious
  • Open and fast playback
  • Goes deep


  • Bass is not rich in detail
  • Mid sometimes lacks some body
  • Pricey

Price: € 2800

Build quality
Guru Q10



Guru… …that’s a pretty bold name for a brand. After all, a guru knows everything… is the best. A kind of … oracle. If a brand calls itself guru … then we can expect something, right? Importer Hear Everything gives us the Guru Q10. A small monitor speaker that should behave like a full-range model. We’re curious!

The Swedish Guru has always intrigued us. The rectangular speakers that always manage to create a large image. A design that you either like… or just don’t like. The wooden legs, the minimalism… They are just different speakers.

And that’s exactly what we like. There’s enough similar stuff on the market already. Too many manufacturers who claim that they really have a special product. And if you look further, it turns out to be a kind of 13 in a dozen design. But now with a nice layer of lacquer or a slightly different base-plate. Guru just doesn’t do that. And we respect that.

Full range…almost

The QM10 bass driver helps producing rock solid bass down to 30Hz, and the key factor is the long and linear stroke, and even more so the incredible pressure factor, exceeding that of a typical 15-inch driver with a factor of more than three.

There are several ways to create bass. A large unit that hardly needs to move, a more compact unit with a long stroke, a large cabinet… a lot of power, and so on. Guru has chosen a compact unit that can make a long stroke. The point is that a long stroke is difficult to control and often distorts (slightly) more than a unit with a shorter stroke.

Also, it is always a challenge to let a unit play such a broad frequency range. We haven’t been able to see specifications anywhere, but we estimate that around 2800 Hz the crossover kicks in (estimation based on the measurements). This means that the woofer will still be active around 4 kHz. Hear Everything has let us know that is plays up to 7000 Hz. That’s quite a daunting task!

Now it is true that to reach that 30 Hz, the speaker has to be almost against the wall. That is not possible in many rooms. And honestly: in our setup in the listening room we do not find it better; we miss space in the reproduction if we play very close to the wall. With ‘air’ around the speaker we get much more freedom in the sound … and yes… the bass is less deep, but still deep enough. But yes: that’s the case with this kind of speakers.

A few specs

As reported, the Guru Q10 is a compact speaker – we estimate in about 10 liters, given the name – with a potential range from 30 Hz to about 20,000 Hz. Perhaps a bit higher. It is a two-way bass reflex system. The bass port is at the front. The woofer – developed by Scan Speak – is a ‘mineral fiber’ type. That’s to make it work well at higher frequencies. The tweeter – Tymphany – is a soft dome. We estimate that the woofer is a 6-inch model. The tweeter is a 1-inch one.

The stands of the Guru – like the design of the speaker – have been kept simple. The wooden tripod is quite low, so in our case the tweeter is not at ear level either. This turns out to be no problem, because we hear a good image when we later press play.

The price of the Guru Q10 with stands is around 2800 euros per pair.

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