Home Review – Harbeth Nelson Subwoofer/Stander – Take your stand!

Review – Harbeth Nelson Subwoofer/Stander – Take your stand!



  • Easy installation
  • Easy adjustment
  • Fits the speaker perfectly
  • Sub and stands merged!


  • In black only
  • Not cheap

Price: € 3999

Build quality
Harbeth Nelson


Two large boxes from importer Mafico, impatiently waiting to be opened, block the hallway passage. Their contents are not immediately obvious. As we unpack them, we see some kind of speaker stand/standmouny thingy… or whatever you want to call them. But that’s only half the story. These stands harbor a secret. Inside, in fact, is an invisible subwoofer, designed specifically to provide a certain kind of speaker with sufficient bass. Today we are talking about the Harbeth Nelson subwoofer/standmount. A specific solution to a specific problem. Let’s check it out!

British company Harbeth has been making loudspeakers at its factory in Lindfield, West Sussex, since 1977 and in the meantime has been developing its own drivers. Founder H.D. Harwood’s roots are at the BBC where he arrived as a young guest and became enamored with sound in general and loudspeakers in particular. Harwood is also one of the original pioneers of the renowned LS3/5a models.

Persistent research into new applications with polypropylene resulted after a while in the now ubiquitous RADIAL™ cones that characterize the special sound of every Harbeth loudspeaker. Current head designer Alan Shaw got to know Harwood early in his career and followed him to Harbeth. He is now the chief designer who continues to perfect each Harbeth loudspeaker. By the way, the name Harbeth is an amalgamation of founder Harwood himself and his wife Elizabeth.


As mentioned, the Harbeth Nelson is a stand incorporating a subwoofer that houses a 110 mm driver. Through a DSP application, this subwoofer is perfectly matched to the included Harbeth PS3ESR XD monitor. But you can also use the Nelson for any other BBC LS3/5a monitor. The Harbeth Nelson features a built-in amplifier, 50 watts, and is 73 cm tall. Perfect for getting those little speakers to ear level. Its limited weight, 7.6 kg, makes them easy to move around. Both the base and the column are black in color, and we think that dark hue goes very well with the various veneer versions of this type of speaker. The speakers fit perfectly on the stand giving you a uniform look. It looks about the same as a floor stand.

Type test
Single Test
Speaker class
Speaker type
Speaker system
Bass reflex
Signal control
Frequency range
35 Hz - 75 Hz
Amplifier power (total)
50 Watt
- dB
5 KOhm Ohm
  • Width: 35 cm
  • Depth: 35 cm
  • Height: 73 cm
Weight speaker
8 Kg
Production country

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Grotestraat 23
5931 CS Tegelen, NL
Breestraat 146-148
2311CX Leiden, Zuid Holland, NL
Hennesweg 20
6035 AD Ospel, NL