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Review Nothing Ear(1) in-ears – Silence Please



  • Sounds good
  • Comfortable
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Beautifully made


  • Few caps
  • No auditory feedback

Price: € 99



A fact of life in this society is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find silence. The world is getting busier and with that we also have to deal directly with noise pollution. Although that could also be due to humanity becoming less and less tolerant. However, that is another story. We are now looking at one of the solutions for too much noise pollution: noise cancelling headphones. In this case, in-ears. From a completely new brand: Nothing. And the full name? Nothing Ear(1)…. yep: definitely a fitting name!

Nothing… what a brand name. It’s bold though we think.

“Which in-ear do you have?”…. “Ow… Nothing”… “Huh?”

That should make for some crazy conversations. Although one of them might not answer because of the rather effective noise cancelling of this Ear (1). More on that later.


The longer we think about this in-ear, the smarter we find the choices. Consider the transparency. That can symbolize countless things in this product group. A transparent sound, a fresh and clear view of the market, the ‘transparancy mode’ in noise cancelling (that you still hear your surroundings), et cetera. In short: beautiful design that – in our opinion – is more than just photogenic. So we like the sleek design.

But that is always secondary to ease of use and comfort. And fortunately that’s fine too. The fit is excellent. Once in the ear they you don’t really feel them anymore. And that’s the way it should be. If you really feel in-ears, it will irritate you and eventually you just don’t use them; we speak from experience.

Noise Cancelling

The noise cancelling is particularly effective with the Nothing Ear (1). According to Nothing itself it is 40dB. We can’t really measure that, but what we have noticed is that this in-ear cancels out more than the Sony WF-1000XM4. We tested this ‘quick and dirty’ in a room with people and some music and it is immediately clear that the Ear (1) takes away more than the Sony.

Is that always better? We’ll leave that to you. We ourselves actually always experience an annoying pressure on the ears when using NC. And that’s no different now. Both in Maximum and Light we feel a pressure on the eardrums. In short: we always turn it off, because we get a real headache after a while. That’s not because of Nothing: it’s because of us… There are just some sensitive types who cannot stand noise cancelling. We will have to make do with the ‘passive’ suppression.

And fortunately this is also fine with the right caps. However, we would have liked there to be a little more fitting. Or types of caps. Now there are three in total: small, medium, large. Of the type of sillecones caps. No ‘memory foam’ type caps. That would have made the delivery complete.

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