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Review PS Audio PowerPlant 12 – Clean Machine



  • Calmness
  • ... and suppleness
  • Effective against DC
  • Clean output!


  • Mutliwave increases distortion
  • Inter-socket contamination

Price: € 6900

Build quality
PS Audio PowerPlant 12


There are several ways to do something about power for your hi-fi system. You can install a completely new, separate power group for your precious audio equipment, use a filter to “wash things down” a bit, or deploy what is known as a regenerator. We don’t test this last category very often. But now we have one to look at: the PS Audio PowerPlant 12!

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to test anything from PS Audio. Fortunately, we had a great talk with PS Audio at the 2024 High End Munich and we can get back to reviewing some of their products more often.

PS Audio PowerPlant 12

The first product we get to work with is the PowerPlant 12 – or PP12. The design is basically just the same as a normal hi-fi component. The dimensions are about the same and the appearance does not differ from other PS Audio products either.

On the back we see four outputs, with output 4 being for high-current. The phase is neatly indicated for each output, which is nice. This allows you to quickly connect all devices in phase. Something that no doubt has an effect on the reproduction!

The PowerPlant 12 can deliver up to 1.2 KW while being 85% efficient. The nice thing is that the input voltage is allowed to vary considerably without affecting the output voltage. According to PS Audio, the range is 174 to 275 volts. We tested that and came out around 180V before it dropped too much. At the top end, we stopped at 260V so as not to damage anything. 260V gave no issues at all.

Also, the PowerPlant can eliminate distortion and DC on the mains. You will see later in the measurements how that turns out.

Sine and Multiwave

The PowerPlant 12 has two basic modes: Sine and MultiWave. In Sinewave (Sine) mode, the PP12 generates a regular sine wave, just like it comes out of the wall outlet. In MultiWave mode, the PP12 “extends” the peak, allowing – according to PS Audio – more energy to come along per cycle and also less power-ripple. Which should be quite audible. More on this later.

What’s nice about the PS Audio PowerPlant 12 is that the unit is incredibly easy to operate. Everything can be done via the touch screen: zones on and off, mode switching, calibration, et cetera. Great work by PS Audio.

Type test
Single Test
Accessory type
Energy filter / regenerator
Suitable for
  • Sources (Low current)
Number of connections
Maximum load
  • 1200 watt
  • 5.2 Ampere
  • Width: 43 cm
  • Depth: 36 cm
  • Height: 10 cm
Production country


  1. Hi — I used to have a P12 (now a P15) and appreciate the review. Will check if I’m using the multiwave setting. You mention 4 outputs. Do you mean 4 sets of 2? The U.S. version has 8 outlets, divided into 4 pairs.