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Review Russell K Black 50 bookshelf speaker



  • Natural, open view
  • Vocal interpretation
  • Experience


  • Critical on amplification
  • Less suitable for large spaces

Price: € 1275

Build quality
Russel K Black 50

For whom


We’ve already indicated above that this mini-monitor will not perform optimally in a large listening room. Much better it will come into its own in a small but fine listening room with quality amplification. The Black 50 is a loudspeaker for the connoisseur who prefers uncompromised playback over everything else. A listener who wants to hear vocals and instruments uncoloured and unsalted without any compromise.

This is not a loudspeaker for bassheads or to give parties, ‘quite the opposite in fact’. This is a viewer of the highest level for those who love chamber music, vocal work and rich instrumentation. An intimate viewer that touches the soul and occasionally gives you a sledgehammer blow ‘when you least expect it’. The emotion in the recording is unadulterated by the Black 50 and only the very best monitors can do that. It can be a speaker to integrate into your second system but do not complain afterwards when the big set gets under the dust.


With the right amplifier and in a small space you will have a lot of fun with the Russell K Black 50. Especially the unique, almost magical midrange enchants and keeps us glued to our listening chair. Its separate cabinet gives you a light-footed sound that almost physically makes you float. If you take some time and effort to understand this loudspeaker you will effortlessly get into higher spheres and there is little missing in the reproduction. Black is the new Red!
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