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Yeti Standard Plus Power Cable



  • Nice big stereo image
  • Solid sound balance
  • Nice and flexible


  • Additional charge per meter
Build quality
Alpha-Audio Approved


Of all cables, digital cables and power-cables are probably the most controversial connections. And that while power-cables are in our view the most important. Our followers know that we always look for evidence in the form of measurements. In this case, we just haven’t succeeded in that yet…. However, our ears say enough in this case. In this review, we look at the Yeti Standard Plus. A ‘thicker’ version of the Yeti Standard that we have been using for some time in our reference system.

In the review of the Yeti Standard power-cable we show – we hope – that we think the cable performs very well. Especially considering the friendly price tag of 289 Euros for 1 meter. Partly because of this favorable price / quality ratio, the cable has been Alpha Approved and is also regularly used in reviews.

The Yeti Plus factor

Yeti Standaard Plus

The Plus version of the Yeti Standard has gotten mostly “more”. The cores are 6mm2 instead of 4mm2. That’s more than double in material. The plugs and construction has otherwise remained the same. You could think of it as a “high current” version.

The conductor material remains tinned copper. And the twisted geometry and black sleeve is also the same as the regular Standard. This is a good thing because it keeps the cable nice and flexible, which is a relief compared to some very stiff cables.

The plugs are pure copper… we love that! No crazy coatings that only get in the way and also give a certain sound signature.

The price of the Yeti Standard Plus is 449 Euros for 1 meter. Every 50cm is 180 Euro extra. So it is in fact 1.5 times the price for a little more than twice the material. What this does on the test bench, you can read further on.

What is nice is that nowadays we get a nice case with the cable… that gives just that “premium feeling” that is so important in our hobby. Well done Yeti!

Type test
Single Test
Accessory type
Conductor material
Type of conductor
Possible plugs
  • Shuko
Cable length
150 cm
Production country