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Alpha Labs – Building a RF Shield Box!

Alpha Labs – Building a RF Shield Box!

We always try to improve on our measurements. And that means that we have to get the environment as stable as possible. Especially with sensitive jitter or noise-measurements!

Noise is your worst enemy when you are measuring small signals. That’s why we decided to build a RF Blocking Box. (Name suggestions for this box are welcome! Leave them in the comments!)

Building a serious RF Blocking box is not easy, for we needed some interfacing. Think of BNC, Ethernet, USB and Power… you are literally poking holes in your shield, :-). Fortunately we don’t need to be fully shielded at 5 GHz…

The box is not perfect yet, but we are definately getting there. Hope you like this project. And again: if you have a cool name for this box; leave it in the comments!

Check the video!