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Installing a Sonos Sonance inceiling speaker

Installing a Sonos Sonance inceiling speaker

Buiding in a loudspeaker is no longer a huge deal. If you have some form of practicality in you, and you own some basic tools, you can get to work. We will show you how to install a Sonos Sonance speaker yourself.

Sonos has had his ‘own’ in-ceiling speaker for a while now. The Sonos Sonance. Now Sonos has had bookhelf speakers before, but these have been cancelled at some point. But given the fact that Sonos likes to gain some groun in the Custom Install world, there is now an in-wall and in-ceiling model for those who like to make music sound – invisibly – throughout the whole house.

The Sonance we take a look at, is a 2-way in-ceiling model that you can easily aim: the system can be slid internally. That’s handy, because that way the sweet spot can be tuned a bit. Now we do recommend to aim a bit in advance, because once in the ceiling it can be quite a daring task.

Putting the speaker in, is an easy ten step procedure:

  • Determine Hole
  • Sign off
  • Saw
  • Speaker cable connection
  • Put the unit in
  • Tighten four screws
  • Aim the unit
  • Put the speaker grille on
  • Ready…
  • Music!

To show you that everyone can do it, we have put the procedure on video. So you can see even we can do it! All you need is:

  • A marker
  • A jigsaw (very handy)
  • A Phillips screwdriver

And if you still need to pull speaker cables, maybe a spring to pull it through a tube. Anyway, then we assume that this was not done during the construction / installation of the pipes.

What is nice is that the Sonos Sonance is already equipped with a backbox. That saves a lot of misery, because a built-in speaker also needs a certain volume to function optimally: just like an ordinary speaker. If someone would install a speaker without a backbox, the sound balance would be lost. With all the consequences that entails.

Video Sonos Sonance speaker installation