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Pure Music – Denon 110 Anniversary Series

Pure Music – Denon 110 Anniversary Series

Some images do not require any textual clarification. They just need music! Our goal is to make samples of as many products as possible. Purely because in our opinion it can be fun and useful to just listen to equipment. This time: the Denon 110 Anniversary series. In our case: the PMA A110 and DCD A110. We use our three reference speakers: the Focal Sopras, Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 and the DALI Rubicon 6. As speaker cable we use the Driade Flow. Filter from Isotek (Titan EVO3) and the Kemp (PowerStrip 8plus). Some advice: put on a good pair of headphones for best results.


  • Jaques Loussier Trio – Little Fuge in G Minor
  • Lode – Tennis Court
  • Gare Du Nord – Marvin & Miles

Used equipment:

  • Denon 110 Anniversary Edition
  • Metrum Acoustics Pavane / Ambre
  • Grimm TPM interlinks
  • Audioquest NRG1000 power cables
  • Focal Sopra speakers
  • DALI Rubicon 6
  • Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3
  • Isotek Titan EVO3
  • Kemp PowerStrip 8plus

Used recording equipment.

  • Red TF5 microphones (matched pair)
  • Grace M108 microphone pre-amp
  • Grimm TPR signal cables

Lossless wav-samples can be found here