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Video review Grimm MU2 – Streamer – DAC – Pre-amp

Video review Grimm MU2 – Streamer – DAC – Pre-amp

We have had the Grimm MU2 in our listening room for a while now. We listened to a lot of music the past few days… so, it’s time for a video! 

Although the full written review is going to be published pretty soon, we wanted to make a video about this special streamer. You will know why, once you have seen the video…

In the written review, we will also publish measurements. We need some extra gear for that. So, please be patient.

Check out the video-review


  1. I’m not so sure I want to hear it. First of all because I’m not in the market for such a device and second because new gear always will bring a period of exploring, combining and tuning. Although I have the idea that this one is a plug-in and relax device!

    A video does more than words alone
    Great video!

  2. I was pleased to see your video review of the Grimm MU2 and your obvious łenthusiasm for the product. I feel that this review does not cover the issue of which system offers the most musical satisfaction? Does the MU2 offer a better musical solution than the MU1’s all digital approach.Eelco Grimm has indicated his intention to improve the LS1 software so may be your response will have to wait for those improvements.
    In any event your response will be well worth waiting for.


    • It is apples to oranges. It very much depends on the components used in the set. The MU2 aims at a different user group than the MU1. If you own a pair of LS1 Grimm speakers, a MU2 is not an obvious choice, the MU1 is. If you have a different setup, like our reference set, there are different amplifiers, DACs and speakers in the chain and it very much depends on the quality of those components. Having said that, the DAC is the MU2 is what sets it apart from the crowd in a positive sense.