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Dutch Audio Event – All live streams and podcasts

Dutch Audio Event – All live streams and podcasts

Alpha Audio was – of course – also present at the Dutch Audio Event. We had set up a live-stream studio in room 83 to do four talk shows on Saturday and a live test with power-cables on Sunday. We can safely conclude that it was a great success. During the streams our room (100m2) was well filled. And in between the streams we were able to talk to some readers and viewers, which was very nice after almost two years of canceled shows.

We at Alpha Audio always find it interesting to talk to experts. You learn an incredible amount from them. And it’s even nicer to share that knowledge with you, the reader and viewer of Alpha Audio.

It was therefore a logical step to take our conversations with the experts to the next level with a series of talkshows. And to hold them at the Dutch Audio Event so that you can attend and follow them online on our YouTube channel.

Every last Sunday of the month we hold our Live Stream Reviews. This time we slimmed down a bit, because we can’t build an Artone Studio at the fair (:-)). But we think it turned out quite nice, considering the circumstances. The differences between all the powercables were easy for each to hear and the results were pretty much unanimous.

We have listed all the livestreams for you below. So you can see and hear everything Alpha Audio did at the Dutch Audio Event 2021. Enjoy watching and listening!

Active or passive? (Dutch)

Vinyl or streaming? (Dutch)

The utility of clean energy

Tube or Transistor? (Dutch)

Live Test Powercables

Listen to the Talkshows via Soundcloud