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Video Interview Trptk – Recording: gear

Video Interview Trptk – Recording: gear

What gear does Trptk use? What’s their secret sauce? We talk to Brendon Heinst about their recording equipment in the final part of the trilogy around Trptk. Think DPA microphones, Grimm clocks and Merging converters. Nice stuff. But nice stuff by itself won’t get you there… …so Bendon says

What’s the most important part of the recording process? … Think very carefully about that question. We got a surprising answer from Brendon Heinst explaining his favorite recording equipment. And that’s not just the matched-kit of DPA microphones. And also not the Grimm clock or Merging converter. But these are some parts that make for the beautiful recordings that come out of Trptk‘s studio.

Some interesting feedback in this interview is that in the end it’s the band and the instruments that are key. You still need good music to make a good recording. A recording can sound beautiful, but if the music isn’t good… you still have nothing! A ‘grand’ truism. And one of the reasons we at Alpha Audio never test with audiophile tracks and albums: the music is rarely interesting.

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Interview: Recording Gear