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iFi Neo iDSD 2 DAC with lossless Bluetooth

iFi Neo iDSD 2 DAC with lossless Bluetooth

The brand new iFi Neo iDSD 2 DAC supports aptX Lossless via Bluetooth. In fact, according to the manufacturer, the only DAC currently mastering this trick.

The iFi Neo iDSD 2 DAC is the successor to its first version released three years ago already. What’s special about this DAC? The support for aptX Lossless. With the note that this works with the DAC as the “sending” side. In other words: to enjoy it, you need headphones that also support aptX Lossless. In that case, the DAC acts merely as a conversion station. Obviously, most users will use the Neo iDSD 2 DAC primarily in combination with wired headphones or a (pre)amp. The redesigned headphone amplifier in the unit delivers a power of (at most) more than 5.5 watts into 32 ohms through the balanced 4.4 mm output. In addition to that balanced output, you’ll also find a “regular” unbalanced 6.3 mm jack connector on the front.

PCM and DSD remain native internally

The maximum achievable quality that the iFi Neo iDSD 2 DAC can handle is 32 bit / 768 kHz plus all DSD levels. Nice thing is, that PCM and DSD are processed separately, keeping them in their native state. For hardcore fans, MQA is implemented too. The DAC can work in three modes: DAC with fixed output level, DAC/preamp with variable output level and as a DAC/headphone amplifier. As for connections, there is USB-B, optical and coaxial inputs, a 3.5mm line input, RCA line output and XLR balanced outputs

The iFi Neo iDSD 2 DAC is available starting this month, at a cost of $899