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Cyrus TTP: its first record player

Cyrus TTP: its first record player

The Cyrus TTP is the first turntable from this manufacturer, but one that aims for the high high-end segment.

Although the Cyrus TTP is the brand’s very first turntable, the stakes are high right from the start. This is reflected not only in the price, but also in the approach in terms of development. For this, they entered into a partnership with an unnamed German highly specialized company. This allowed Cyrus itself to focus on their own specialties in the form of electronics designs. The latter can be seen, for example, in the power supply and control of the Cyrus TTP DC synchronous motor.


The turntable is belt-driven, with plinth and turntable milled from a solid block of aluminum. Furthermore, an “ultra-accurate” bearing is provided and two speeds are available: 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. The tone arm is included – not entirely illogically – but a cartridge is not. You have to take care of that yourself, which has the advantage that you have your own choice regarding this component.

The Cyrus TTP costs $5495. If you want to replace the already good included power supply with the even better PSX-R2 from the manufacturer, this can be done at extra cost.