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Chord Company PowerHAUS P6 entry model

Chord Company PowerHAUS P6 entry model

The new Chord Company PowerHAUS P6 “power strip” is significantly more than just that. In fact, you’ll also find the proprietary ARAY filter technology inside.

The Chord Company PowerHAUS P6 uses quality connectors and thick internal cabling. It means that as little power as possible will be lost through cable and transition resistance, which is always nice. Especially when using connected “power guzzlers”. In addition, the strip deals with mains voltage noise, for which the proprietary ARAY technology is used. Such a filter has long since ceased to be a superfluous luxury. The mains voltage is quite polluted nowadays. Think of unintentional noise caused by poorly filtered switching power supplies. But certainly also ‘deliberate’ pollution such as networking via electric cables in house.

Away with unnecessary stuff

Interestingly, there are no serial filters, switches and (or) neon lights in the design. According to the manufacturer, those parts would only create inherent noise, something you obviously don’t like to see happen in a power strip with built-in noise filter.

The Chord Company Powerhaus P6 has a price tag of £600, made in England.