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Sonus faber Lumina Amator II and V

Sonus faber Lumina Amator II and V

Distributor Finesounds announces they have added the Sonus Faber Lumina II Amator and Lumina V Amator to their lineup.

The new Sonus faber Lumina Amator speakers feature numerous improvements over their predecessors. For example, the cutoff frequency of the crossover in the Lumina II has been increased by 800 Hz, to 2600 Hz. In the Lumina V too, this frequency has been raised, this time by 250 Hz to 2850 Hz. The crossover filter itself was designed with the technical knowledge gained from the manufacturer’s new Homage series of speakers. Much of the engineering in the Sonus faber Lumina Amator comes from the Amati G5 and Guarneri G5. According to the manufacturer, these include things like the IFF circuitry, for example. The new filter should also lead to higher resolution and more rigorous and coherent sound reproduction.

The Lumina II Amator costs €749.50 including VAT and the Lumnina V Amator €1749.50 (both per one). The predecessor models also remain available, at a lower price than the newborns. More information from distributor Finesounds.