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Teufel ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE with FM and DAB

Teufel ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE with FM and DAB

Far from being “just” an active speaker set, the new Teufel ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE also has an FM and DAB tuner on board.

The ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE speaker set can bring stereo sound to virtually any room. According to the manufacturer, the two bookshelf speakers are ‘made’ for playing music via Bluetooth, a paired voice assistant or a pre-amplified turntable. It is even possible to use the ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE speakers without peripherals. In fact, the set has a DAB and FM radio on board. You can set six preset stations per reception method in this scenario.

Expandable system

Placed to the left and right of a television, the ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE speakers with HDMI connection shine. They can be connected to the television in no time at all. In this case, the volume can be controlled with the television’s old-fashioned remote control. Users who want more, such as fatter bass or unadulterated surround sound, are in for a treat, as the ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE stereo set is compatible with wireless rearspeakers (EFFEKT or EFFEKT 2) and various wireless subwoofers. This makes it possible to set up a powerful 4.0 or 4-1 surround system without having a cable salad around the room,’ Teufel announced.

A powerhouse for the desk

The ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE speakers feature a built-in USB DAC. You connect the set to the computer via a USB-C cable. They are then automatically recognized by the operating system as an audio device.


The ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE speakers are part of Teufel’s well-known ULTIMA series. They thus guarantee authentic and powerful sound, according to the Berlin manufacturer. The classic two-way bass reflex design uses a 1-inch tweeter and a 6.5-inch midwoofer. The efficient Class D amplifier delivers a total RMS power of 100 watts (2x 50 watts).

Intuitive operation

The set can be operated in several ways: directly from the active ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE speaker, with the included remote control or via connected peripherals. On the top of the active speaker is a touch slider that can be used to adjust the volume. The three buttons integrated in the touch slider are for controlling the music (changing tracks, start and pause). Next to the display are additional buttons for selecting inputs and favorite radio stations. The included remote control provides additional functions for such things as radio station search and saving favorite stations. The brightness of the display can be adjusted too with the remote control. If the ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE speakers are connected to an external sound source such as a television via HDMI or connected to a voice assistant via the AUX output, they are automatically switched on as soon as an input signal is detected.


The facts of the Teufel ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE at a glance:

  • A premium pair of active bookshelf speakers: designed for music, movies and games
  • Connectable directly to the television for an engaging sound experience (HDMI ARC/CEC, Toslink)
  • Integrated USB-DAC for use with a PC or Mac (via USB C cable)
  • Universal AUX input for e.g. a pre-amplified turntable or Amazon or Google’s smart voice assistant (2x RCA)
  • DAB and FM radio with 6 preset stations each
  • RMS power of 2 x 50 watts for higher volume without distortion in rooms up to 30 m²
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX and AAC for streaming music including Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube from a wireless source.
  • Lip-synchronized video sound
  • 2-channel system with well-balanced tuning, fiberglass membrane midwoofer with phase plug for natural reproduction of acoustic instruments and 2-channel bass reflex for deep and accurate bass
  • Dynamore Virtual Center for optimally intelligible dialog, customizable audio settings, sound modes for full bass even at low volume, a night mode and automatic wake-up function that takes the speakers out of standby mode
  • Dimmable OLED display, control via a touch slider and buttons on the speaker or via the included remote control
  • Expandable with a wireless rearspeaker (EFFEKT or EFFEKT 2) for unadulterated surround sound (Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II)
  • Direct wireless connection to Teufel subwoofers for even more powerful bass performance
  • The ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE speaker set comes with a 3.5-meter-long connection cable, removable covers, a radio antenna, rubber feet and a remote control. The set is available immediately in black and white at teufelaudio.co.uk for a price of 549.99 euros.

Price and availability

The set of active ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE bookshelf speakers is available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website immediately in white and black. This at a price of 549.99 euros. Teufel is additionally offering two attractive bundles. The first combines the 10-inch subwoofer T10 with the ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE Club Edition. The ULTIMA 25 ACTIVE Surround “4.1 set” includes EFFEKT 2 rearspeakers in addition to the T10 subwoofer.