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Roon acquired by Harman International

Roon acquired by Harman International

A rather striking piece of news: Roon has been acquired by the Harman International group, entering a whole new phase of its life.

Enno Vermeer, the founder of Roon Labs announced on ‘his’ forum that Roon has been bought by Harman International. He assured that nothing will change for existing users, including current subscriptions and lifetime-memberships. Trial versions will continue as usual, and the payment system will remain the same too. Perhaps the most important point raised in the announcement: all products that now work with the software will continue to do so. We are talking about equipment with Roon Ready and Roon Tested certifications. Furthermore, the intention is to simply keep adding new equipment compatible with the system, regardless of brand.

Insurance for the future

Vermeer sees the takeover as an insurance policy for the future, allowing new talent to be hired alongside existing employees. Will prices fall or rise as a result of the increase in scale? We will see. In any case, exciting times for the Roon team, that much is clear.