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Kanto ORA4 desktopspeakers

Kanto ORA4 desktopspeakers

The new Kanto ORA4 active speakers are intended for on your desk in combination with a computer. With them, you can take music and game sound to the next level.

The days when game sounds consisted of simple blips and beeps are long gone. Modern games are often a cinematic spectacle in both sound and vision. To give your games some extra allure, a good set of speakers is no luxury. The new Kanto ORA4 active desktop speakers may satisfy that desire. In addition to gaming, they are also great for music playback, according to the manufacturer. Again from the desktop, of course. Internally, two separate Class D amplifiers drive the tweeter and mid-lowrange driver. Together they deliver a maximum power of 70 watts.

Wireless or wired, digital or analog

When it comes to connectivity, by the way, the Kanto ORA4 can go either way. First, there is Bluetooth 5 for a wireless connection, but also an analog line input and USB-C are not lacking. Via the latter, a quality of up to 24 bit / 96 kHz can be achieved via the built-in DAC. And should you wish for some extra bass, a sub-out jack is provided.

The Kanto Ora4 – effectively the larger version of the previously released smaller ORAs – is available from April this year, at a cost of $399 per pair. There is nothing on the manufacturer’s website about the newcomer at the time of writing, but, as always, that is undoubtetly bound to change.