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Sbooster AIB PSU update

Sbooster AIB PSU update

The Sbooster AIB is a power supply upgrade for the Bluesound Node, where, by the way, AIB stands for Active Interface Board.

The Sbooster AIB takes the Bluesound Node’s power supply to a new level, according to its makers. The device should be combined with the Sbooster 5-6V power supply, creating an “ultimate” power supply for the Node N130 and X. For the power supply connection, SBooster’s C8 connector is used, equipped with gold-plated pins. As wiring (or better: the conductors therein) silver-plated OCC copper was chosen. Furthermore, triple anti-oscillation circuitry is provided, addressing both the internal voltage supply of the AIB and that for the Node.

Easy to build in

Another practical feature of the SBooster AIB is a central grounding point. Installing it in one of the Bluesound Nodes is a breeze, according to the manufacturer. All you need – it is promised – is a screwdriver and 15 minutes of your time. Should you ever want to, returning your Node to its original state is not a problem either.

The price of the Sbooster AIB is not too bad: for €139 you can take one home.