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Norddeutches HiFi-Museum starts up again

Norddeutches HiFi-Museum starts up again

On the now past first Easter Day, the Norddeutches HiFi-Museum once again experienced its annual start of the season.

As a straightforward audio enthusiast, a comprehensive HiFi Museum is of course just some kind of a must visit. In German Wehmingen (near Hanover) there is the Norddeutches HiFi Museum. On a large floor space you dive into the history of hifi. For example, there is “Omas Wohnzimmer,” or grandma’s living room. Stuffed with really retro equipment for sound reproduction. This article on Like Hifi goes into a little more detail about the collection. Seems at least a must-see to us if you are ever in the vicinity of the museum!

You can find the Norddeutches HiFi-Museum at Am Straßenbahnmuseum 2 in Wehmingen. And that means there’s also a lot for streetcar lovers to experience there too. The opening hours of both museums run in parallel, more information on the Hannoverschen Straßenbahn-Museums website!