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Pura Ammonite Elite with New Enclosure

Pura Ammonite Elite with New Enclosure

The Pura Ammonite Elite has been given a completely new casing, made of 3 millimeter thick aluminum.

The Pura Ammonite Elite is an advanced version of the Ammonite switch, which, with its five internal linear power supplies, is according to the manufacturer a unique product on the market: “Pura’s products are now sold worldwide and are highly appreciated by users. In a continuous effort to optimize the production process and increase the aesthetic value of their products, Pura has introduced a completely new enclosure. This is made of 3 mm thick aluminum and finished with a stylish dark gray powder coating. The enclosure is further enhanced with front and back panels made of stainless steel, featuring refined laser-etched texts, giving the whole unit a premium look.


Pura also announces that this new enclosure will soon be used for the Dodo dual linear power supply and the standard Ammonite switch too. The manufacturer plans to extend this design to all products in their range. This should further strengthen the brand identity and create a uniform appearance.