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Spotify with ‘Cheaper’ Subscription

Spotify with ‘Cheaper’ Subscription

Apparently, Spotify has listened to all the criticism. They are now offering a slightly cheaper subscription for audiobook-free listening.

Spotify subscribers were quite annoyed that they had to pay more because of the imposed audiobooks. Understandably so, because why would you pay for something you don’t want? The recent price increase at the music streaming service caused quite a stir. So much so that Spotify is now implementing a price ‘reduction’. If you never listen to audiobooks, you can choose not to opt for this feature. In that case, you pay $10.99 per month. With books included, you pay the price as set after the last price increase, which is $11.99 per month.

Should Spotify ever come out with lossless streams, they will undoubtedly face the irritation of many subscribers if a price increase accompanies it. We bet they will once again adjust subscription prices for different ‘target groups’.