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BSP Graphene Contact Enhancer

BSP Graphene Contact Enhancer

With a bottle of BSP graphene ‘contact enhancer,’ you can ensure optimal contact between plugs and connectors, according to the manufacturer.

Transition resistances between plugs and contacts always play a role. Over time, this transition resistance can undesirably increase. While as a ‘remedy’ you can occasionally unplug and replug connectors, this not only becomes a tedious task but also leads to wear and tear. A bottle of BSP graphene contact enhancer aims to simplify this process significantly. According to the manufacturer, applying this solution creates a two-dimensional layer of graphene atoms with excellent electrical conductivity. Any imperfections on the plug or connector surfaces are neatly filled, resulting in optimal contact.

A bottle of BSP graphene contact enhancer costs €84. The manufacturer explicitly mentions that if you are not satisfied, you can return the product within 14 days and get your money back, even if the bottle has been opened.