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Handy and Compact Furutech AC Filter

Handy and Compact Furutech AC Filter

Furutech has designed a new and practical AC power filter, specifically intended for use with 2-pin power connectors.

A significant portion of audio equipment is equipped with a two-pin AC connection. The plug that fits into it has the familiar ‘8’ shape. Specifically for this, Furutech has released a new filter, aptly named Flow-08. According to the manufacturer, it is intended to provide power to devices like the Apple TV, but with clean and filtered electricity. Conveniently, the filter is designed as an adapter. On one side, you’ll find a Euro-female connector, and on the other side, the mentioned two-pin ‘8’. The anti-interference filter is built into the larger connector. It blocks annoying HF noise, such as that generated by switching power supplies. The filter is encased in resin, which helps to counteract the effects of mechanical vibrations.

The Furutech Flow-08 with a cable length of 70 cm costs €225.