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NAD C700 V2 Streaming Amplifier

NAD C700 V2 Streaming Amplifier

With the new NAD C700 V2 streaming amplifier, all you need to do is connect a pair of speakers, and the listening pleasure can begin.

Essentially, the NAD C700 V2 is an all-in-one device, ready to play music straight out of the box. However, you will need to provide your own suitable speakers. Compared to the original C700, the V2 features an improved DAC, Dolby Digital decoding, Dirac Live calibration (for which you will need to purchase a license and a corresponding microphone…), and – for vinyl enthusiasts – an MM phono input. The DAC is based on an ESS Sabre ES9028. Internally, the amplification is handled by NAD’s own HybridDigital UcD amplifier circuitry.

Stereo or Surround, Your Choice

By default, the NAD C700 V2 is a classic stereo amplifier. However, you can add rear channels using BluOS speakers if desired. There’s also an available connection for a wired subwoofer. In this configuration, you can create a complete home cinema surround system. The HDMI eARC connector is very useful for this purpose. Bluetooth with aptX HD and Apple AirPlay 2 are supported for quick wireless connections with devices such as smartphones. Multiroom functionality is also possible.

To bring a NAD C700 V2 home, you’ll need to pay $1599.


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