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Cambridge Audio Melomania P100 Headphones

Cambridge Audio Melomania P100 Headphones

The new Cambridge Melomania P100 is the first over-ear headphone from the British brand, featuring an impressively large battery capacity.

Fortunately, there’s a trend of increasing playtime on a full battery charge for wireless headphones. This is partly due to more energy-efficient hardware in such headphones (or in-ear devices) but also due to improved battery technology. Or simply better integration of larger batteries into the often tight spaces available. Regardless, the new Cambridge Audio Melomania P100 over-ear headphones offer long playtime on a full charge. Very long, in fact, with up to a whopping 100 hours. However, this is without the built-in ANC function enabled. With ANC on, the playtime drops to ‘only’ 60 hours. In short, these headphones will effortlessly last you through the day and even multiple days.

aptX Lossless

The Cambridge Audio Melomania P100 is designed and tuned at the manufacturer’s headquarters in London. The acoustic foundation consists of three-layer 40 mm drivers. For amplification, the same class A/B setup used in the brand’s CX series amplifiers is employed. Regarding Bluetooth codecs, aptX Lossless is supported, allowing you to stream lossless audio in CD quality, provided the source also supports this codec.

The price of the Cambridge Audio Melomania P100 is €279, and pre-ordering is already possible at the time of writing.