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Interview – Mark Levinson about C Wave Technology

Interview – Mark Levinson about C Wave Technology

It’s a pretty bold statement: ‘we fixed PCM’. But the truth is: they have some serious data to prove they did. We have an interview with Mark Levinson about their new C Wave Technology. 

Every once in a while there is some ‘disrupting’ technology. Think about the car. Or the computer. Or solar technology. And what about the smartphone? We can go on and on…

In our industry the CD was pretty disrupting. Just like the iPod that made portable audio a LOT more interesting. But the cd and the iPod are not pefect. But let’s be honest: perfection hardly exists.

The problem with the CD and almost all digital audio is – according to Mark Levinson – PCM. Pulse Code Modulation. The problem is: analoge audio is continuous. PCM isn’t. And our brain doesn’t like that. It reacts in stress… something that is never good.

Mark Levinson – now owner of Daniel Hertz – wanted to fix that. And he has been working on it for decades now. We talked about his C Wave Technology that has finally been implemented in his Maria amplifier.

Check out the interview to learn more.

Mark Levinson about C Wave