Home Hi-Fi Leak Sandwich 150 and 250 retro-speakers

Leak Sandwich 150 and 250 retro-speakers

Leak Sandwich 150 and 250 retro-speakers

With either version of the new Leak Sandwich (150 or 250), you bring a piece of nostalgia-breathing design into your home.

Thrift stores have known about it for a long time and are eagerly – given the prices – taking advantage of it: retro. Suddenly that 1974 stereo from the attic that has been gathering dust for years turns out to be worth gold money suddenly. Sure: you all have to love it, but part of humanity does. At the same time, many want the pleasures but not the burdens associated with retro electronics. And apart from financial worries, this obviously includes repairs, maintenance and so on. This is why manufacturers are responding to the demand for “old” but modern technology in retro packaging. The new Leak Sandwich 150 and 250 are perfect examples.

Foundations in the distant past

The original Leak Sandwich dates back to 1961. The name refers mainly to the construction of the mid-low driver in the speaker. Here a “sandwich” of materials was indeed used, more precisely a PMI foam covered by a hard aluminum outer layer. This hard outer layer combined with a soft core should ensure a remarkably flat frequency curve, according to the manufacturer. The Sandwich 150 features one such 6.5-inch mid-low driver plus a 1.23-inch tweeter. Then there is the Leak Sandwich 250, a three-way speaker with an 11-inch woofer, 4.25-inch midrange driver and 1.2-inch tweeter.

The Leak Sandwich 150 costs €1199 and the 250 changes hands for €2999; both available per direct.