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‘LG comes out with smart Alpha 10 CPU for TVs’

‘LG comes out with smart Alpha 10 CPU for TVs’

According to rumors, LG will come out with the new Alpha 10 processor next year, bringing additional AI power to the brand’s TVs.

AI is increasingly running locally on phones and tablets. A well-known example is the Neural Engine that has been present on apple’s (partly mobile) SoCs for quite a few generations. It supports things like photography and image enhancement, image recognition, searching for photos via descriptions, text recognition in photos and much more. All in real-time, as a user you won’t notice anything. Many of these kinds of features would also come in quite handy in televisions. Think of stuff like noise reduction, object recognition, text recognition, (local) brightness adjustments and much more.

LG WebOS: soon on other devices too?

That’s exactly what the envisioned new Alpha 10 video, audio and data processor should take care of. Plus possibly many other AI jobs in the field of image and sound. Interestingly, we also read in this report from What Hifi (which in turn took it from the Korean newspaper Etnews) that LG may have plans to release its own WebOS on more devices than just its TVs. This might just revive old times, because as you know (right…?) WebOS descends from the illustrious PalmOS! Well, for now it’s all pie in the sky, but 2024 could become quite interesting on several fronts.