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IAMF, the new 3D sound from Google and Samsung

IAMF, the new 3D sound from Google and Samsung

Google is teaming up with Samsung to launch a new 3D surround system called Immersive Audio Model and Formats (IAMF).

The fact that Dolby is more or less the authority when it comes to 3D sound does not sit well with some of the manufacturers around. For example Google and Samsung, who will roll out a new open standard for 3D sound called IAMF. The idea is that the technology can be used royalty-free. Under the name Project Caviar, both companies are working on a system where content creators and distributors would be allowed to use and distribute HDR video and 3D audio at no additional cost.

Frustration from Samsung?

According to the manufacturers, IAMF involves three main pillars on which the system rests: vertical sound, AI analysis of the image and adjustment of sound accordingly and user-customized audio. By the way, it is not surprising that Samsung in particular is interested. They have been trying to market their own HDR10 for years, without much success. They try to push HDR10 for example by not building Dolby Vision support into their TVs. Whether yet another new format will bring change in acceptance for a Dolby Atmos alternative? Time will tell.