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Yamaha YH-E700B headphones with smart extras

Yamaha YH-E700B headphones with smart extras

The new Yamaha YH-E700B headphones not only feature ANC, but also a “Listening Optimizer”.

The ‘Listening Optimizer’ in the new Yamaha YH-E700B headphones continuously analyzes listening conditions via a built-in measuring microphone. Every ear shape is unique, but also headphones are worn slightly differently one time than another. All this is compensated for in real time. ANC benefits too from this technology. Furthermore, there is “Listening Care,” which should ensure a “full” sound even at lower playback volumes. And this, in turn, should ensure hearing protection, as the tendency to turn up the volume would thus be suppressed. Also, a lower volume obviously saves power consumption, making batteries last longer.

AptX Adaptive

Yamaha’s YH-E700B are headphones that you can listen to wired or wirelessly via Bluetooth. In the latter scenario, aptX Adaptive is supported, which also makes the headphones interesting for gamers due to their low delay times. The YH-E700B features 40mm drivers and the maximum playing time on a full battery charge is 32 hours.

The Yamaha YH-E700B costs €349. For that money, in addition to the headphones, you also get a matching carrying case, the necessary cables and an airplane adapter. Choose from a black or cream version.