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Apple confirms event on Sept. 12

Apple confirms event on Sept. 12

Fans of Apple may want to empty their calendars for Sept. 12 for a few hours of i-entertainment in the form of the then-scheduled annual event.

Every year after the summer, new models of iPhones are presented at Apple’s big event. This year, the manufacturer is hosting it on Sept. 12. One of the certainties to expect are new iPhones. This year’s editions are expected to feature a USB-C connector required by the EU. In addition – according to rumors – new in-ears are also on the roll, among other things.


What else is in the pipeline during the event is anyone’s guess. In itself, it would be time for a new iMac, for example. Its current generation has been around for a while and still features the M1, Apple’s first-generation in-house-developed SoC. At the same time, there is no M3 yet, and we don’t expect one this year. But you never know for sure with Apple. After all, the M2 dates back to June of last year and at one time there was the idea to release a new version of the chip every year. We’ll see!