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Abyss Diana MR planar headphones

Abyss Diana MR planar headphones

American company Abyss has released their Abyss Diana MR headphones, a high-end pair equipped with patented planar drivers.

The Abyss Diana MR is manufactured in New York. Although this brand and underlying parent company of JPS Labs, it may be a bit less known in Europe. Though the latter has been around for more than 30 years. The Abyss Diana MR is a headphone based on patented planar 63 mm drivers. The device is set up to create a very flat almost linear frequency curve. To be precise, the frequency range runs from 10 Hz to 30 kHz. Pleasant is the low impedance of the Diana MR. This allows the headphones to be driven effortlessly and well by almost any device – including mobile.

Cactus leather as desired

The over-ear Abyss Diana MR weighs only 360 grams, which is partly due to the use of aircraft aluminum. The leather headband is adjustable in size via magnetic construction. Should “real leather” displease you for any reason, a vegetarian option consisting of cactus leather is also available.

The price of the Abyss Diana MR starts at €3295. For that you get a connecting cable of 1.5 meters length included, three meters more is available too at extra cost. A 3.5mm plug is attached as standard, but for an additional charge you can also go for a 6.3mm jack or a symmetrical 4-pin XLR or 4.4mm plug.