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Dan D’Agostino Momentum MxV

Dan D’Agostino Momentum MxV

The new Dan D’Agostino Momentum MxV is an integrated amplifier with the familiar somewhat “over the top” looks that you have to love.

What is interesting about the new Dan D’Agostino Momentum MxV is that this integrated amplifier is modular in design. Which means that you can plug in an optional streaming module or phono preamp module. With which the device becomes even more versatile. The maximum output power of the Momentum MxV is 1000 watts into 2 ohms (500 watts into 4 ohms, 250 watts into 8 ohms). Internally, filters are present for HF noise, but protection against power supply asymmetry and DC is also implemented.


The Dan D’Agostino Momentum MxV is made up of two separate enclosures. The lower section houses the power supply, built around a 2000VA toroidal transformer. The upper cabinet contains the actually integrated amplifier, on which adorns the “steampunk” VU meter so characteristic of the brand. The whole puts a hefty 50.8 pounds of weight on the clocks.

The Momentum MxV costs $65000. The optional streaming module requires you to pay $10000 and the phono preamp module has a price tag of $5000.