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Mass test – Six tube amps – Live Stream replay


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Live Tests are fun. And very instructive. For example, you learn which combinations work well and which differences you can and should expect when you change an amplifier. In this test of six tube amps the differences are – as expected – quite audible. But you as a viewer can easily see and hear that in the video. We have already made the index for you so you can change quickly. As an extra in this test we have added live music. Because we think that live music is the best reference. Have fun!

The test setup in this live stream test of tube amps is slightly different than usual. Instead of three or four tracks, played via ROON we now play one track from the streamer – Metrum Acoustics Ambre with Pavane dac – one track from vinyl (Dr. Schweikert / VdH) and a live recording (wav-file from the Ambre). So we’re also going to record one track live and use it again in our test. An interesting experiment, we think. Yes: there are risks, but it’s fun!

We complete the test system with a pair of Blumenhofer Classic 1722 horn speakers (92dB efficiency). Cabling is MIT for the speakers and phono stage (VdH Grail) and Tubulus Argentus for the Metrum Pavane. Energy is supplied by a default cable to test all amplifiers in the same way. Of course we have applied filtering – Isotek Isoplugs parallel filters – to keep interference away.

Out of Skin

The band that provides musical entertainment in this livestream is Out of Skin. A band from Leiden that has already won some prizes. They play a total of six track this live stream. One track is recorded for use in the test of tube amps.

The candidates

For your convenience, we have put all candidates in this test of tube amps in the table below. This way you will immediately see the brand, the power, type of amplification and the price!





Tube type

Tube model




4 x single ended 2 x 8 Single Ended triode 2 x B300 7500


OTO Phono SE

4 x single ended, 1 x phono

2 x 10

Single Ended triode

4 x EL-84



Spirit V

4 x lijn + 1 x power

2 x 70 watt

Push Pull Penthode / Triode

4 x KT150


Prima Luna

400 Pre / Power

3 x single ended / 2 x XLR

2 x 70 / 1 x 140

Push Pull / Penthode / Triode mode

EL34 / KT150 comp.

9200 / set

KR Audio

VA 950 4 x single ended

2 x 100 

Push Pull Penthode 4 x KT150 10.000

Unison Research


5 x lijn in

30-35 watt




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