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Multitest – Four exceptional, top, d-a-converters


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Denafrips, Bryston, Rockna or Sonnet? Four wonderful d/a converters. What a choice to make… that’s a tough one! To make it a little easier, we put these four beauties side by side in a live test on May 30, 2021. As a test we included a real live track that we recorded in the live stream. You can read our final findings in this summary of the event.

We’ve never had the Alpha Audio reference set in the Artone studios. Honestly… we found it a special moment. Fortunately, it plays absolutely fine there, too. That’s a relief, because otherwise we would have a serious problem :-).

For those that don’t know our reference system yest:

  • Focal Sopra No1 speakers
  • Pass Labs XP-12 preamplifier
  • Bryston 4B SST3 power amplifier
  • Metrum Acoustics Ambre streamer (ROON)
  • Mutec MC3+ reclocker
  • Grimm TPM XLR cables
  • Audioquest NRG1000 power cables
  • Grimm TPR AES interlink
  • Driade Flow speaker cable

As test candidates we have the Rockna Wavelight, Denafrips Venus II, Sonnet Morpheus and the Bryston BDA3. Remarkably, we have three ladder-dacs and one delta-sigma (the Bryston). It seems as if R2R dacs are suddenly emerging. Not a bad thing in itself, because they can sound insanely good. As this Live Stream Event shows.

As usual, we have a live band at this event. Or better: a duo. This time Julia & Sam will play for us and you. We will record one track and use it in the test. In our opinion that is the ideal test/reference, because live just lets you hear more; there is no processing. Julia and Sam will also listen in and give feedback.