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Quartet test Teufel Bluetooth speakers – Rock ON!




With the vacations just around the corner, we might ask ourselves: how do we do handle the music? Will we only take a personal audio system with us, or do we want to be able to listen together in the cottage, caravan or tent? This certainly has its advantages; not everyone is in their own bubble, for example. However, please take into account the neighbors and the environment. not everyone likes the same music 🙂

We test a fair amount of high-end audio at Alpha Audio. Expensive amplifiers, speakers and accessories. Now it’s time for something more ‘down to earth’. We were curious about the state of the Bluetooth speaker industry.

We can hardly walk onto a playground without a teenager with a ‘tube’ hanging out on a bench. Preferably with a certain style of music with lots of bass. But let’s be honest: we used to have those days too (sort of). Although we had no bluetooth speakers, but a portable radio with an aux-in and a walk- or discman. Your author mainly had Limp Bizkit and Metallica on (not ultra-loud… he didn’t dare). Or. admittedly… hardhouse… That depended on the mood.

Now we’re not going to argue about the use of speakers on the street. It’s just bloody annoying when a group of young people have the JBL turned on all the way to 10 at 11pm. It is at all rather anti-social to bother others with your music. But in your own garden at normal background volume some music at a dinner outside…. fine. Or on vacation in the house, the caravan or – if socially possible – the tent.

In short: just be considerate of each other and ask if it is ok … then there is nothing wrong with portable audio. Right? Good: the sermon is done. Now an overview of our candidates in this short quartet test!

Four times bluetooth

We borrowed four bluetooth speakers from Teufel:

The prices are the standard prices. There are regular promotions, so watch for them.