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Review Bryston 4B SST3 power amplifier



After receiving the brand new Bryston 3B3 from Mafico earlier this year for testing, we now also receive the iconic Bryston 4B3 from the Cubed series. According to the importer, both descendants sound almost equal, but we know that an iconic status is not acquired on equivalency. There must be more going on here. Time for a review.

At Alpha-Audio we have been familiar with Bryston’s products for years and they have an excellent reputation when it comes to sound, construction and stability. Nevertheless, we have not had many products from this manufacturer on our test bench. This is not an unwillingness, but rather due to the manufacturer’s product policy. When a model has a life cycle of 6 to 8 years, there is not much news to report after its introduction. However, Bryston has had a lot of news lately and that’s why we’ve been working up a sweat in recent months to review all the new products.

Food for powerlifters

Sweat. This applies in the first place to the female driver of the delivery service who comes to deliver the 4B with a bright red head. “The receipt says 15 kilos, but this package really isn’t 15 kilos!” Nonchalantly we shrug our shoulders and smile just as sweetly at her while the most charming slim pine works herself into a sweat to lift the Bryston 4B3 over the threshold.

After some twisting and anxious looks from the editor in question towards the bulky packaging we decide to open it after a few cups of ‘Alpha-certified’ coffee. After lifting the protective packaging we conclude that the 4B in contrast to the 3B is a lot deeper and already at the first cans in the packaging we think back with melancholy to the 3B ‘diet version’. All those extra pounds to play that few decibels louder?