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Review Driade Flow speaker cable



  • Very neutral
  • Flexible
  • Affordable


  • Appearance is... not 'special'

Price: € 800

Build quality
Driade Flow Speaker Cable

The sound...


We have a few cables that we use again and again in our reviews. The Grimm TPM interlinks, the Audioquest powercables and … this Driade Flow. These cables simply fall into the category of colorless, inaudible cables. A force that does not always apply to cabling. Because how often do we report: this cable sounds like ‘such and so’. That doesn’t have to be bad, because sometimes a little extra bass or air is needed. But in a system that is correct, extra salt and pepper is not necessary and often not desired.

Grow with us

What is crucial with a cable is that it does not restrict resolution and bandwidth. We did notice that in the old days. Your editor once started with a set of speaker cables from Ixos (I think it’s a 104 flat-cable). Ahum… right. That cable was fine on the old Chario speakers with an old NAD receiver. However, when the audio-virus really caught on and the Chario’s were exchanged for a set Infinity Kappa 6.2i and a Van Medevoort CA230 and Densen B300, that cable acted like a huge handbrake. The system didn’t grow any further. After it made way for an Audioquest silver cable (type is forgotten), the system rose to a whole new level. Bizarre. And very instructive.

This Driade Flow shows without any effort differences between our Metrum Acoustics Pavane with Ambre and the Aurender A30. Differences in nuances can also be followed on a micro level. Harmonics, detailing, transcients… no problem at all to distinct and follow them. Just like the layering in the music.

For example, if we play Tango Muerte by Parov Stelar, it’s bizarre how easy it is to follow this rather busy song. And how different the nuances are with the Metrum set and the Aurender A30. Where the Aurender shows unprecedented detail, the Metrum-duo puts more emphasis on flow. So the Driade Flow doesn’t wring itself in the audio system: it just shows what’s happening. And that’s how it should be with a cable; a cable shouldn’t be audible. It’s not an equalizer. In fact, it is not a tuning element.


In the other systems we hear similar behaviour. The Driade Flow fits everywhere. At least: if nothing needs to be compensated. The Alpha Audio reference set is quite balanced, we dare say. The system at your editor’s home idem: a Metrum Acoustics Adagio and Ambre with a duo of AVM M30 and a set of Dali Epicon 2. A beautiful, relaxing system. And there the Driade feels at home. And it will stay there. :-).

In the multitest with amplifiers around 2500 euros, the Driade has also proven itself as a transparent companion. Again and again the differences came to the surface. Without problems, without murmuring. No ‘brake’ on the audio-systems. On the contrary: a transparent tube for electrons.


Now we haven’t mentioned the price at all. For 2 x 3 meters you pay 800 euros. Right: a transparent electron-tube for under 1000 euros. Now 800 euros is still serious money. But this speaker cable is also seriously good. And in our opinion, it can easily punch almost all competitors to the ground. And perhaps even cables in the classes above…

Sample Video Driade

Download the lossless samples here: Driade, Art Speak and AudioQuest Rocket 88


What a fine speaker cable. The Driade Flow is one of those cables that you don't realize is present. And that's exactly how we like it... uh... hear it. Partly because of this feature the Driade Flow will feel at home anywhere. And grow with it. The price of 800 euros per pair of three meters is still manageable. In short: highly recommended and Alpha Approved!

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