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Review – Four Teufel Raumfeld streaming speakers



  • Works well
  • Lots of choice
  • Full sound


  • App could be a bit friendlier
  • One S sounds a bit bare

Price: € 249 - 1800


You may know the German company Teufel for its soundbars, in-ears and giant party speakers. However, the Germans also make very affordable evergreens in the form of the Ultima 40 (including the Active version) and the Stereo L and Stereo M streaming speakers. Or the One M, to name but a few. We thought it would be interesting to discuss four models in which the “Raumfeld” streaming system is built. Because this is a system with a totally different philosophy. And that makes it interesting enough for enthusiasts who want to do things just a little differently.

There is no substitute for cubic inches , as the Americans sometimes say when it comes to the development of engines. And that is true. A ‘big V8’ just drives great, partly because of its displacement. No downsized ‘blown’ engine can compete with that.

Does this also apply to the hi-fi world? In a way it does. The ease with which a large speaker plays is almost addictive. Not just in the deepest low end…. the mid and high frequency band also benefit; for this is partly ‘carried’ by the bass. Why are we bringing this up? Simple: we see that Teufel in the case of the Stereo M and Stereo L just took a fine speaker and built a streamer with amplifier in it. And that does have some advantages. Think of a complete reproduction with decent bass and a real stereo image. These are systems that can be placed in a living room without any issues.

In the case of the One M and One S, this is different. These are additional speakers that – in our opinion – better serve as support in the (living) kitchen, bedroom or study. Although the One M is a speaker that perhaps deserves more when it is in stereo pair. But more on that later.

Complete system

We reviewed four speakers in the ecosystem. However, there are more. Just make sure it’s a Teufel by Raumfeld compatible product, as Teufel has multiple lines. However, the four products we reviewed will get you a long way. The Stereo L is an excellent system for a living room. The Stereo M is fine for smaller living rooms or a luxurious study. We see the One M and One S as complementary to the system. Think of a place in a children’s room, study or (living) kitchen.

Now Teufel also has the matching Cinebar Lux soundbar and the Rosenthal design system. We personally are not easily impressed by soundbars, but those looking for a compact and unobtrusive solution for a TV system can of course install a model that fits within this ecosystem. Want to incorporate an existing system within the streaming system? Then you can do so again with the Teufel Streamer. Previously, this was the Raumfeld Connector.

Video Teufel Raumfeld system

The Teufel Raumfeld App

For the most part, the app is clear and works stable. We say mostly, because there are a few small things that could be slightly better. In particular, setting up music and music services – the major services are supported – could be a little easier we think. We’ll get by, but someone totally inexperienced with streaming audio might get stuck.

Those who walk through the setup will see that installing a speaker is very easy. That’s perfectly fine. However, setting up a music library and services is not in this setup. At least, we have not come across it. In short: you then have to set up the library and add services yourself. We would have liked the setup help to indicate this. Once the library is in, it all goes smoothly. Creating groups is a piece of cake and in case of two One S or One M speakers it is also possible to create stereo pairs.

In short: the system and the App feel mature and complete.