Home Video – A view on and unboxing of Sonos ARC soundbar

Video – A view on and unboxing of Sonos ARC soundbar


Recently Sonos introduced the new ARC soundbar. The ARC – the successor of the Playbar – is an Atmos compatible soundbar. What it exactly is capable of and what kind of connectivity it offers, we discuss in the video

The Playbar has been on the market for about six years and is therefore almost a dinosaur in the sound bar market. In six years a lot has changed when it comes to hdmi standards, audio codecs, return channels (eARC for example) and for example HDR. The Playbar simply cannot compete anymore.

Sonos changes that with the ARC. It does have all the modern gadgets on board. In addition, the soundbar itself can already offer a surround sound. Without extra rear channels or a subwoofer. Convenient for those who don’t feel like buying and installing extra equipment.

You can see what the Sonos ARC has to offer in the video. The full review will follow as soon as possible.

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