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3FM Serious Request with many artists

3FM Serious Request with many artists

The lineup of 3FM Serious Request has been released, you can expect more than 40 artists from home and abroad. Always fun of course!

During 3FM Serious Request, Dutch public radio station NPO 3FM puts music at the forefront of the fight against ALS, together with 40 artists from home and abroad. You can listen in from all over the world, see link at the bottom of this news article. From Sunday, December 17, DJs Barend van Deelen, Sophie Hijlkema and Wijnand Speelman will make 24-hour radio and online items from the Glass House in Nijmegen to raise money for the ALS Foundation Netherlands together with as many listeners as possible. Over 60 artists and guests will visit the week before Christmas.

Among others, Tom Odell, Chef’Special, Only The Poets, Diggy Dex, SERA, Kraantje Pappie, S10, René Froger, De Staat, Meau, Kris Kross Amsterdam and Eelke Kleijn will perform in the house or on the large live stage on the Grote Markt in Nijmegen. Check out the full lineup below or check 3fm.nl/lineup. The guests and performances can also be seen via NPO Start, the 3FM SR programming on NPO 3 and 3FM’s social channels.

Playing schedule

Below for convenience the complete playing schedule you can listen to soon, see also this page:

Sunday, December 17
  • Diggy Dex (musical, kick-off 3FM Serious Request)
  • Duo night with Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano (musical)
Monday, December 18
  • The Indien (musical)
  • Duncan Tromp (house guest)
  • Adriaan Persons (musical)
  • Anna-Rose Clayton (house guest and musical)
  • Tom Odell (house guest and musical)
  • Hardstyle night with Wildstylez, Headhunters and Sefa (musical)
  • Maik de Boer (house guest)
Tuesday, December 19
  • Lucas Hamming (musical)
  • Sophie Milzink (house guest)
  • Numidia (house guest)
  • WIES (house guest and musical)
  • Claude (house guest and musical)
  • SERA (house guest and musical)
  • Kris Kross Amsterdam (musical)
  • Hip-hop night by Fernando Halman, with Kevin and Adje (musical)
Wednesday, December 20
  • OG3NE (musical)
  • Julia Heetman (house guest)
  • Rob Geus (house guest)
  • Sjaak (house guest)
  • S10 (house guest and musical)
  • Prince S. and The Goat (house guest and musical)
  • Only The Poets (house guest and musical)
  • Nederpop-night with Abel (musical)
  • Kees & John de Bever (house guest)
Thursday 21 December
  • Albin Lee Meldau (musical)
  • Trijntje Oosterhuis & Alain Clark (house guest and musical)
  • Victor Abeln (house guest)
  • Natasja Froger (house guest)
  • Kraantje Pappie (musical)
  • Eelke Klein (musical)
  • Chef’Special (house guest and musical)
  • Student night with René Froger and Roxy Dekker (musical)
Friday 22nd of December
  • Diggy Dex (musical)
  • Thomas Acda (house guest)
  • Dafne Schippers (house guest)
  • Tygo Gernandt (house guest)
  • Blanks (house guest and musical)
  • Dio (house guest and musical)
  • Party DJ Ruud (musical)
  • De Staat (house guest and musical)
  • Nijmegen evening
Saturday, December 23
  • Tim Dawn (musical)
  • Forester Tim (house guest)
  • Loek Peters (house guest)
  • Goldkimono (musical)
  • Meau (house guest and musical)
  • La Fuente (house guest and musical)
  • Lucas & Steve (musical)
  • Zeroes evening with a.o. Jody Bernal (musical)
  • Guido Weijers (house guest)
Sunday 24th of December
  • Néomí (musical)
  • Bas Nijhuis (house guest)
  • Final (to be announced later)

Auction items for 3FM Serious Request

Meanwhile, the legendary 3FM Serious Request auction has also gone online. Through 3fm.nl/veiling you can bid all week on a total of 150 unique items and experiences, the proceeds of which will go to the ALS Foundation Netherlands. The first auction that went online is for a living room concert by Only The Poets. In addition, auctions include Lord Of The Rings lead actor Elijah Wood, world athletics champion Sifan Hassan, Armin van Buuren and KANE. The auction is open through Monday, December 25, and several new items will be added daily.

About 3FM Serious Request

3FM Serious Request is once again dedicating itself to charity in the week before Christmas, this twentieth edition to the ALS Foundation Netherlands. From December 17 to 24, the radio station and all of 3FM’s online and social channels will be completely dedicated to the action. 3FM DJs Barend van Deelen, Sophie Hijlkema and Wijnand Speelman will make live radio and online items 24 hours a day from the Glass House on the Grote Markt in Nijmegen. The action can be followed live 24 hours a day via radio, 3fm.nl, NPO 1 extra and NPO Start. On television with updates at NPO 1 and daily programs on NPO 3. Online via 3FM’s social channels and via NPO Luister. Go to 3fm.nl/seriousrequest for more information.

Practical: listen from all over the world live via this page and a click of a button.