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‘Spotify is going to raise prices again’

‘Spotify is going to raise prices again’

According to various sources, Spotify is going to raise its subscription prices again soon, to finally become profitable.

Spotify is still not profitable, and so subscription prices need to go up again to make that happen. Or at least the hope is to finally achieve this goal. The raise would involve certain countries such as Australia and the UK, while later this year it will be the U.S.’s turn. At least that is what several sites, including Bloomberg, are writing. There should also be a new basic subscription without access to audiobooks. Remarkable, since this feature was not introduced until late 2023, so the streaming service already wants to see additional money for this service.

Oh, that hi-fi subscription…

The hi-fi subscription that has been rumored so long would also still be on the roll. Problem with that is, Tidal has just recently lowered its prices. So why should Spotify charge significantly more for it? It remains to be seen how existing and new Spotify customers will accept the price increases. In any case, it does not sound very smart to us, especially since there is now more than enough competition.