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Live Stream set-up tweaks

Live Stream set-up tweaks

We did some tweaking to our live stream set-up. Basicly we can now stream in better quality video. But we did some more. You can check that out in our video we made for you. Also we tweaked the listening room. Mostly optically. Check that out in our Live stream this friday 10:00 CET. We test some amazing high-end monitor speakers!

Live streaming is different from making a standard video. We’ve noticed that by now. Every broadcast is another learning moment. And after every broadcast we look at how things can be improved. Now we have paid some attention to camera points and image quality. We hope that you will see it and that you will like it of course.

A second point of improvement was the operation of the software that controls sound and image. It was just not very…. intuïtive. We now have a control panel that allows us to control cameras, sound, screen share, etc. at the touch of a button. Very convenient. Less focus on control, more focus on the test and you!

We also recently improved the listening room. Anyone who follows us on Facebook will have seen some pictures. It’s not quite finished yet, but hey… will it ever be finished? … well… no…

The aim of the adjustments is to create more calmess in the video- and photo-image, so that more attention is paid to the tested equipment. What we still want to do is provide better lighting, so it doesn’t look too sterile. [irony mode on] Luckily, your editor is a pro in interior-designs. So that’s no problem at all [irony mode off].

In the video below, we’ll take a look at everything except the listening room!

New Tweaks Live Stream set-up ánd Multitest monitor speakers