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High End Munich 2019: a taxonomy

High End Munich 2019: a taxonomy


For most people, Munich is known as the city of the Oktoberfest, where Bavarian beer is served in 1-litre units in the Biergarten and as the seat of Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW). For about 20,000 people of the homo sapiens subcategory homo audiophilius it is the place where hi-fi and high end rituals are practiced every year. 

All over the world, emissaries of brands, dealer enthusiasts and press come together to show and hear each other latest, most impressive, most precious, most extreme in audio. There are big brands that have been active for years, but also small brands and starters are welcome in Munich. In this article we try to map out the different types of products for you, so that we can get a certain order and overview.

Apparaticae Audiophilae Imposantiaceae

We are talking about reproducers that are bigger, heavier and more voluminous than man itself. They are fed by shiny snakes that are often larger than a human arm. Between these reproducers are grim-looking square boxes, which in turn stand on furniture with cone-shaped legs. Sometimes as many as six of these square boxes are needed to get music out of the reproducers.

The appearance of these apparatuses shows a great diversity. Sometimes they are long and thin reproducers with lots of round openings. We also observed species that resembled the calyx of an enormous plant. In all cases, the sound produced is at high volume with a room portion of sound pressure. Sometimes so much that it is too much of a good thing, at other times it is impressive; to see and to hear. The asking price of all this is equally impressive and unattainable for the average happy audiophile.