Home Hi-Fi Savoir beds Seventy-Five: musical dreamland

Savoir beds Seventy-Five: musical dreamland

Savoir beds Seventy-Five: musical dreamland

Should you want to brighten up your dreams with a tune of high-end music, Savoir Beds Seventy-Five can do it.

A high-end musical bed, why not. The Savoir Beds Seventy-Five is the result of a rather special collaboration between bed manufacturer Savoir beds and speaker manufacturer KEF. By the way, the name Seventy-Five is derived from the number of beats per minute known to be soothing, 75 in other words. The bed itself is made of dark colored American walnut wood. The back wall consists of 10 hand-covered panels. Two of them incorporate aluminum KEF speakers. To add some power to the low end, eight subwoofers are built into the base of the bed.

Charging ports

Practical are the ergonomically placed side shelves, which incorporate charging ports for your smartphone, for example. The price of the bed – as befits this kind of ultimate luxury product – is only available upon request.