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The Hifi Studio show met Chord en Audio Physic

The Hifi Studio show met Chord en Audio Physic

This Friday, December 8, and Saturday, December 9, The Hifi Studio in Dutch Leiden is hosting a listening show starring Chord and Audio Physic.

The Hifi Studio from the Dutch city of Leiden announces that it’ll organize a listening show this Friday and Saturday (December 8 and 9, in other words). In cooperation with the importer the protagonists are Chord and Audio Physic. ‘Divided over two listening rooms we will let you listen to the special Chord Electronics products with as highlight the Ultima series. The loudspeakers we will use are not the least either: the Audio Physic Cardeas. In addition, we have another first with the new Chord Electronics BertTTi power amplifier.All this dressed up with beautiful music!“, we read in their announcement.

Admission to the show is free, but it is necessary to register in advance via email and indicate a preferred time slot. Precise information about available times can be read in the already mentioned announcement. You can find The Hifi Studio at Korevaarstraat 2 E-F in Leiden, The Netherlands. Parking is available in the parking garage Garenmarkt, only 150 meters away.