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McIntosh C55 and C2800 preamplifiers

McIntosh C55 and C2800 preamplifiers

If you have some money left over, McIntosh invites you to spend it on one of their latest self-proclaimed “masterpieces” in the form of the C55 and C2800.

The difference between the McIntosh C55 and C2800 is that the former is semiconductor-based and the latter tube-based. Both have as many as 16 inputs, including three balanced XLR copies. HDMI, optical, coax, USB and the in-house MCT are also present. What this means is that you are actually getting not only a preamplifier but a DAC too in the house. Furthermore, the newcomers have a ‘processor loop’, between which you can connect a sound processor if desired. All this makes for a very versatile unit.

App or supplied remote control

That versatility goes a step further with the new McIntosh C55 and C2800. You can control them via the included remote control, but also via an app. This app is available for iOS and Android, and you can use it to control things like firmware updates and setting numerous things. In short: an interesting set of newcomers, which of course includes the design with the familiar blue-lit VU meters and green-lit brand name!

The McIntosh C55 and C2800 cost €11990 each.