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Disney 100 Blu-Ray filmbox

Disney 100 Blu-Ray filmbox

Disney celebrates its 100th anniversary, a joyous event that no doubt will have escaped fans. Also, an anniversary movie box set is now (almost) available in the U.S.

Disney has a long history, especially as an animation studio. If you want to get your hands on a part of that history, the unique Disney Legacy Animated Film Collection is waiting for you in the U.S. starting Nov. 14. In this box you will find all the animated films by Disney and Pixar, on Blu-Ray discs. The present has not been forgotten either, because even Elemental, released this year, is included. The only downside is that only a small portion of the films have been remastered to 4K, but is that really a problem with these animations – especially the old ones?

Not really cheap

Apart from the discs, you will also find a book (books actually, containing the discs) in the conveniently designed packaging, as well as artwork and a crystal Mickey cap in miniature form. So a nice souvenir of a centenarian that will hopefully last another hundred years. However, there ís a downside to the “Disney 100” box: its price. You have to pay $1,500 for it. And that makes the item especially interesting for true fanatics. After all, they are getting something unique that will undoubtedly retain its value (at least). Here in this Youtube video the whole package is presented to you! For now, as far as is known, only available in the US